Details about the Toronto Aquarium Society

Our Meetings

We meet on the second Wednesday of each month (excluding July and August) at rotating locations around the city 7:30pm. Our meeting location rotates every three months in an effort to create awareness in different parts of the city. Check out our Upcoming Events page for the latest information on meeting locations, dates, and topics.

Our meetings are relaxed, informal, and family friendly with the goal to gain a better understanding of our hobby by sharing experiences with each other, learning from a speaker, or working on various aquarium projects.

Every meeting includes a question and answer time and a mini-auction to buy and sell fish, plants, and related equipment.

Our Membership

By becoming a member of Toronto Aquarium Society you support and join a community of fellow fish keepers. Membership fees are used to cover various costs such as:

  • Providing a meeting location
  • Bringing in knowledgeable speakers
  • Promoting the hobby and club

Membership Benefits

Members of Toronto Aquarium Society enjoy the following benefits:

  • Attend all club events
  • Borrow materials from club library
  • Discounts at local pet stores
  • Sell items at club auctions

Become a Member

Annual membership dues are to be paid at the beginning of the calendar year. If you are joining after June the membership dues are halved for the remaining calendar year.


Aquariums are very beautiful places for people of all ages: children, youngers, adults or elders. No matter what age are you, you will have a lot of fun here and you will learn many things about waters, oceans and animals that live here( fish, mammals). Visinting an aquarium will fascinate you because they present to visitors all kind of fish and mammals. Creatures you don’t even image that exists will be exactly in front of you or above you. You can see how and what they eat, how they move and what they like or not. Sharks, dolphins, octopus, jellyfish, seahorses, sea snakes, scallops, stingrays, a variety of fish, whales, seals and so on. Species you haven’t heard yet will be now just near you!

A visit at the aquarium will relax your mind and will enrich your knowledge! So, go, buy a ticket and look at them how much you want!